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My Evening in Fullerton, CA

The Problem in Fullerton, CA tonight #KellyThomas #KellysArmy

I want to start this by saying that #1 I am a big fan of a New World Order. I do not think that my vision fits in well with the vision that some others on the planet seem to favour, but it is our ability to compromise and work together through reason, with compassion, that makes us civil... if anything can.

I think that there can be no question in the thinking persons mind about the eventuality of both, firstly, a one world government and then secondly a multi-world government. While the localized events of this weekend that I am about to dredge into this blog may, at first, seem somewhat disconnected – it seems to be this very ability of mine to correlate disperate points that makes me so entertaining for myself :P So here we go because if we can't fix things here we wont make it anywhere else...

“That which you do to the least of them, you also do unto me” ~ Jesus

In this image I have transposed the face of a battered Kelly Thomas onto the hoisted and broken frame of Jesus, Son of Mary and Joseph, Son of God and self-styled son of man. It is grizzly and not without some artistic license to be sure, but this is really the message we should take from the situation – was Kelly a saint ? No. Are any of us saints ? No. Was he a son of God in that he was a living man embued with the spirit? Yes. According to Jesus we all contain it, we are all Gods beloved children. In spite of our common heritage and common moralistic principals, there is a great deal of internet chatter about an open revolt against a number of serious and contencious issues. Someone brought up an excellent point in the #KellyThomas twitter stream tonight – one man, mentally ill and homeless vs at least 5 officers in physical conflict – not one mental health worker, and tonight – a few hundred protesters in the street and there were full riot units (sub-miilitary but not by much), tanks, dozens of assets had been brought in because of this anticipated police action... not one legal official to explain the case to people, not one police officer to express the police policy and position and what happened. I noticed many of the 'protesters' seemed to be quite young... their minds are impressionable, do the police want to be viewed as a force of terror by the next generation ? What are the real costs here and what can we really afford? How are we allocating resources to these issues and is it effective ? I would argue our present trajectory is of little benefit to anyone if things continue like they have been.

Leaving aside the brutal, savage, unnecesary and outrageous beating to death of this person, Kelly, for a second (though not to discount it) there are some other issues with the whole thing. After viewing the video online which did not actually feature the death of the man I can tell you that the amount of pre-provocation is what I found shocking. The officer who was speaking with him was either completely incompetent to the role or was simply a product of the system that trained and then paid him to do what he did. As with the protesters on the street it was not strength of case or argument that won the day and dispatched them along a more productive path - it is the open and direct application of extreme force speaking for the 'right' side here. I think because of this attitude in general, people are also more afraid of police and inclined to react poorly because of the increase in police abuses; it is a self sustaining system, police abuse causes public reaction causes police abuse, etc.
Obviously we cannot expect people in mental distress, fear, panic, anger to be the ones to take the bigger step here – police have to do it. It is their duty to SERVE and PROTECT communities, including the worst of the lot. Now I haven't been alive very long on this planet by any means, but the truth is I believe that things seem to be steadily getting worse on the streets EVERYWHERE. The social reasons for this are too numerous and I am too unqualified to express them all, but they must be controlled before mass violence is perceived to be the only way that change can come about, how far away are we from hearing about police just getting shot in the face for making a routine traffic stop in America on the regular ? And then what becomes of traffic stops ? Automation. Tyranny.

More and more I think people feel betrayed and isolated from their own governance and the associated guaranteed processes for relief of grievance. Few decisions of import are affected at the local level anymore and anything major will likely require provincial or federal funding to reach maturity regardless – but the heart of the matter is our lack of compassion for all but the dollarmakers at the top in our present system. They fuck up we bail them out, we fuck up they kill us. ITS THAT BAD AT THE MOMENT and it cannot last. The system is cold, the officers must likewise be cold... just the other day I watched another video (no I haven't been seeking these out at all they are just coming up that much more lately for some reason this week it seems) where a girl was being arrested and she was being handeled roughly – Hamilton I think it was, anyway there were a number of concerned citizens around and the police took the time to explain the situation to them and try to alleviate their concerns. Though I personally was not convinced by the strength of his argument (and found it reprehensible that anyone could so degrage themselves to; “whatever it takes I follows me orders, kay, I'm not a bad guy” I did find it noble of him to make any effort to engage the vulgar masses at all (they weren't the most articulate of objectioners either). Abuses in police activity (including TSA, etc etc) are on the rise as the numbers of both laws and police officers expands. Perhaps some of this is directly correlated to the growth in our population or our “coddling“(allowing to live as well as possible) of degenerates of all sorts as some perceive it – but I see a much greater problem in our reaction and solution to these problems than in the problems themselves. Indeed I think it is fair to argue that any government of certain size and scope comes to this crossroads. Indeed, when one thinks of Rome – if one knows anything serious on the subject – one cannot help but lament the similarities in the situation. The American Empire is tired, she is being abused from within herself, burgeoning and more aggressive empires are on the rise all around, and new territory is at a low for any expansion of economy or populace... communications infrastructure is problematic (although for the US perhaps that it is too fast rather than too slow).... A new religion and understanding of our place in the universe and much about science seems delicately perched on a great prescipice with strong winds coming up from behind.... will America lead the way outwards from or downwards into the heart of these problems? Many more people are also aware of problems in business and government that seem endemic, as much because they are directly impacted locally as because they are blown out of proportion trans-nationally in the first place.

Take this situation in Fullerton. Kelly was indeed no saint from what I read... he was having a really hard time keeping his shit together in this life. I'm not denying that, the truth is that he was still a human, and an American at that – 'shit happens' isn't really enough of an explination for this under the law. In viewing the video, what I saw as the most damning was the officers open threat to him before any charges had been announced – even the style and nature of the detention seems suspicious to me, but where the line gets crossed; the officer openly threatens the man with violence as a FIRST option via “you see my fist, it's getting ready to fuck you up“ , now I dont know if the officer here is retarded or just an idiot or its his first day or he missed training from chronic diarreah due to a bad burrito – but even from how he loosly threatened him the first time and Kelly reacted “well go ahead then, tough guy, that sucks”– well I dont think you can just beat the hell out of someone and shout “stop resisting” and its all legal.
Having seen the other video with the girl the other day I will admit there seems to be a certain type of person or a certain feeling or situation where people seem to lose their cool when the police try to take them into custody. I assume because its not their first time. Your first time I think you have much more respect for the system inherantly (which is why an onlooker as well might not feel right getting involved – in the end the police likely wont just let it go regardless) and you want to be as good as you can ... but once you're in there you figure out pretty quick that the good you've done YOUR WHOLE LIFE counts for zero any anything you say or do wrong could throw you into a random machine where you're life could be completely ruined, at least punitively altered – forever. (and no, you dont have to be found guilty of anything to go to jail, trust me – although if you're already in there, oddly enough you likely will be regardless of the facts)

In my own experiences, I have never hurt anyone physically that wasn't intruding on my peace and space intentionally, nor I have never destroyed property I wasn't prepared to fix, replace or unless by accident or something – I have not done much wrong, I'm no angel either but I've been sucked through the system a couple times now (though nothing for a long while, thankfully) and it is no fun. It is not just. It does not help. It is not corrective. It is corrupt. It is harmful. It is not the solution to anything other than fatter coffers. Now, in some instances prison can really help to turn a life around, to provide a “correctional service” of sorts but this is due to the exception of the individual – not the system around them (recidivism rates are really, really high). For some people it is a low enough point that they will immediately seek out a better path in a serious way. Sometimes it even lasts after they walk out the doors, but in most cases very little services are sought out by prisoners and even fewer are provided. The chances to actually become rehabilitated through virtue of the system itself are ZERO. When a person realizes that, and is about to be taken into custody again, say over some spurious complaint or frivolous action, sure the potential for violence escalates. a) if it is a non violent crime and there is not direct evidence, etc of a serious felony a promise to appear should always suffice and b) people think [somewhat rightly now and from examples they see all over] that laws are biased and basically bullshit at this point. I AM NOT someone to say there is no value to law, but when you see this guy beaten to death in the street and all these wall street cocksuckers STILL driving BMWs.... well, people just really think law and policing is becoming two tiered in a way that makes in untrustable. Any involvement therefore could evoke panic, especially in a country that now condones and employs torture against people it sees fit. 

This sort of small scale, resistant violence though is not anything a regular police force cannot handle, as we see with Kelly, enough manpower can always be summoned up to destroy all the physical resistance one unarmed man can provide – but I think the real solution to this whole mess will take even more strength, strength of character. What this sort of unchecked violence (has ANY officer ever done hard time over the wrongful killing of an alleged criminal in custody????) promotes is violence as a response. Most people have no idea how the vague mysteries of the legal system actually work, but they believe in a universal concept of justice. Police are to be officers of a public service and a servant to the public trust. They are above no one, they are accountable to the wage payer..... these little facts seem lost on modern police. Instead it is us the people who serve them. They are a part of this new seperate system that writes laws UPON the people not for the people. People obey EVERYTHING the police say unquestioningly or they risk physical harm and possibly death now... this is not the way its supposed to be. We've all seen movies about how a town supports some rebel and the sherrif either has to tascitly bend to the will of the people or those people will run him outta town... something like that, I know I'm romanticising it a little but the truth is that this is the only way that local law enforcement can work. Police need to be a grassroots establishment, not a top down spynet. In the most evolved countries in the most evolved and prosperous times people mostly govern themselves or otherwise state regulation is not a burden to them. I'm all for realistic regulations and fees and taxes, but this shitstorm of inflation, economic retraction and 90% dollar growth in the top 10% of financial industry is just robbery.

So who really cares about one homeless man in Fullerton ? Who cares what happens in Fullerton at all ? Well there's the bitch – everywhere is Fullerton, every one of us is homeless. Our cities are not our own, they are a small cog in the machinery of state. Our countries are not our own, they are cogs in a global machine and they are become nearly unrecognizable to us, both in ideology and application. In our hearts these things still exist – we want our town to be our own, we want our country to be great – but right now its all a set of human centipedes feasting on their own crap and crying for release. Sorry to make that so graphic, but look at the guy on the cross, or they guy busted up on the street, is it any less graphic and are those people not resultant of a larger and systematic problem that is ruining everything we know ?
So what is to be done ? Well I'm not the one to answer everything (bet that pisses you off after reading so much, huh :P) but I will say this. I know the answer is bound up in love... think, if 2000 years ago the MO of the high  court was reason and love, well, just imagine the rich and revealing history of “the dialogues of Christ” that would exist now. Our entire society and history would be changed in a positive way, I can barely imagine the paradise on Earth that could have ensued (if you dont believe in any of that kind of stuff or do in someone else please just bear with me), imagine the supposed historical Jesus being brought in for a thorough examination and consultation instead of trial and punishment. Imagine if the cop that night gave Kelly 20 bucks and some reading material about shelters and help that was available and asked him about his life and shit and then also mentioned they got a complaint and to beat it from the area – is what transpired more in the public interest ? Is $20 too much in an economy that allows so much excess on the absolute most unloving indulgences ?

If we want our species and social fabric to survive at all we need to get realistic about these issues. Trayvon Martin and Kelly Thomas among others would still be alive today with out the assistance to the community of police units. Maybe some would argue that they would be no better off for it (the people or the communities). That's not really for anyone else to decide though, and it certainly should never be considered as an argument of justification for these horrendous crimes – but then what could ? What could justify so much violence upon another person outside of war or personal vengeance ? Nothing. So you see people will quite naturally feel that they are either at war with or owed vengeance by police if these issues continue. People with mental illness will probably not be reasonable, so we need a completely new strategy there. At the same time we cannot give too much help to them at the expense of helping others who are in need and who are not as inherently harmful or dangerous to others perhaps.... how does one balance these things out ? Again, I'm not sure but one thing that needs to change is the impunity of the police over the laws they enforce. Back in the day, maybe only 1 person a month got killed in altercations with the punitive brigades, and if they did it wasn't local so you wouldn't hear it. Rodney Kind in LA was just too public and too brutal in a city too big – it sparked the fire in the mob... What I saw yesterday in Fullerton and what may be coming there Tuesday has the same potential exactly. The problem is that it could also spark farther since people hear these stories every day almost now and they are all over and the police are NEVER in trouble for it... A shift is needed. The first police officer that goes to jail for these offences will surely be a sad man – he should be. But much more than that I think the attitude of police towards unnecessary violence in many measures would diminish. If they knew they would be held to some account more than 2 years paid leave and maybe some bonus medical money – if they knew they could end up living with the people they've been calling “pieces of shit” for a few months things might change in a hurry. Would a police officer survive long in jail ? Maybe not, but that's not because of anything other than how they are perceived. If police really helped people get the services and attention they needed, if they were servants helping those they served to be more well instead of spanking them to death if they fuck up enough – people might be happy to support them again, people would smile at police, not turn their heads away.... sure police still do good work EVERYDAY as well, but like with us, it doesn't really get the same recognition as when they fuck up, but hey – who started that one ?

In a one world government the agency of the law will be the agency of love as Orwell predicted, linguistically there is little else possible for it (right, Noam?) the issue becomes; will it be that horrendous, insincere and hurtful Orwellian double-speak type of 'love' that tortures you into loving it or will it genuinely be a resource for people in difficult situations that need essentials, shelter, help and, well, love. I still think the choice is ours, as voters, as hobos, as police, as presidents or anything in the mix – it is up to us all everyday. It takes little to be nicer to others, really very little. Try it and see. If you're already nice go above and beyond for an enemy. Push it forward.

We need to correct the correctional system before we can get much else in order. A good foundation of any good house is still always at the bottom. 

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