Friday, December 30, 2011

My last blast for 2011 TIME IN A BOTTLE

I have had a very profound realization in the past couple days. Not to take anything away from the spirit of the holidays, but in consideration of some larger associated issues I arrived at a startling discovery about the James WEBB telescope that I have previously written about. I have written about the startling impact of the discoveries of the Kepler in the last few months of the year. How these should be much more seriously considered issues among the masses and the press, but they are almost completely overlooked or 'fringe' in the current cultural lexiconography.

I will briefly review my previous points here.;

The hubble telescope was a huge leap for telescope technology. Finally we had escaped the confines of the atmosphere and its damned distortions of 'pure' imagery. We could see light, traveling almost completely through the vacuum of space for millions and million of miles on journeys consisting of hundreds and thousands of years. Our ability to observe phenomena in space has taken us almost to looking back into the origins of the universe as if we were peering backward through time itself with every increase of clarity and projection resoultion technology. Even though this was astounding in its own right, there were still limitations with focal distance. For example, though hubble could observe large and distant massive bodies of light in the darkness of space, it could not, very well, pinpoint any planetary systems. And so scientists had begun to develop our present telescope the Kepler. Hubble went on spotting stars and checking them for compatability with our theories of planetary systems evolution, but it had to leave any definite discoveries for Kepler, which would take this data about the stars with the highest likelihood of planetary development - and examine them.

In video games from KOTOR to Mass Effect (and farther into the past) planetary systems navigation has been a regular feature of space-fiction videogames. Also in television like star trek, a system of planets is quite readily presented in a believeable and realistic way. It seems very old hat for the members of any USS Enterprise to visit a strange new world. Especially in TNG timeline. Regardless, I only bring this up because it seems that just as cellular communications, touch screen computers and plasma energy - we may be about to turn another science fiction notion into science fact.

See, right now these discoveries seem remote to us because we have no way to derive any immediate impact/benefit from it. Okay, so there are planets around stars, we already knew that didn't we ? In fact no. We had speculated and postulated and Sagan had even simulated how and where other planets might exist, but even concrete visual data escaped our actual grasp. Though the common person takes it for granted that planets exist in vast number in deep space, it is almost an irrelevancy because we lack the technology or drive as a society to make any use of such an assumption. We squabble and fight to keep our resources limited and the disparity of wealth high, but in actuality, there is an almost INFINITE supply of every material in the universe if we just figure out where exactly its located and how to get our hands on it.

Well, now, we are just a few steps away from solving the first part of that dilemma. We have found some places. Real worlds, in areas of solar systems similar to Earth, so that if the formation of intelligent humanoid life has anything to do with the conditions on our planet, it may now be more reasonable to also inferr that such an event may have come to pass elsewhere as well.

Now I want to reach out into the edge of human thought for a moment. The theories you are about to hear are based on analysis of technology that does not yet exist. The James Webb telescope should allow us to map planets surfaces that are light years away as clearly as we see our own world on google earth today. Indeed I hope to see a 'GOOGLE KEPLER20F' program very soon (nudge nudge google). What this means is that within 5 - 10 years we may discover a planet with cities. The first images of another world filled with another dominant intelligent species may be viewed within our lifetime. IMAGINE !

Again, there seems to be a sort of public apathy about it all because of sci-fi characterization of aliens. The younger generation, because of the science they grow up in and the fiction of their time - have much less difficulty with the notion that intelligent life probably exists elsewhere in the cosmos. But for people even nearing 100 years old, this is as astounding as a super sonic jet flight (though perhaps because of the rapid pace of development in their lifetimes they are also highly apathetic). So we see that as a species and as a function of technology we are moving ever cloer to these realities. But what will it mean?

Well, the one thing I have come to realise is that it will mean the creation of time portals will become a reality also. Let me tell you what I mean because I know right now you're probably crooking your brow thinking this is some crackpot nonsense... but I am really not the sort, I assure you ;p

This is what I mean. When the james webb comes online it will enable us to make detailed examinations of the surface of other worlds on par with google earth. The seeming problem with this operation is in fact its great gift to our species; the problem is that Kepler is 600 years away, so what is the benefit, really ? Well for us, beyond a sort of scientific novelty, there seems to be little to gain. But what if you were a Keplerian ? Suddenly, as of say 2015, these people on Earth have an ongoing and accurate window into conditions on the planet Kepler20f some 600 years ago. Now think about what that means. That means for us, that if another species is in the same position as us, and if they have reached this sort of technology before or relative to us, then an exchange with this species would provide us with FACTUAL records of our own origins. Think, if we can see whats happening on kepler 600 years ago, then some planet 2015 light years out from us, could in theory be watching the life of Jesus unfold (or not) right now ! We could witness detailed recordings of ancient historical events. The construction of the pyramids, what has happened to all those craft lost in the bermuda triangle, who shot kennedy ?.... everything ! In a sort of eery bible prophecy way it seems that indeed, ALL will be revealed. I just hope whoever is slated to 'judge' us takes us in context of all possibility and that we havn't been doing as bad a job as we are all generally told.

Either way though, our whole history back to the truth of adam and eve or the missing link can be explored through societal exchange with other worlds ! And we would be developing the ability to provide certain unique perspectives as well for others ! Truly a valuable goal, to have an interplanetary data exchange network like this which effectively allows viewing of any world at any time, from any angle.... now THAT's a database project, cataloguing the peoples, histories and worlds of the galaxy ! IMAGINE; The MSNBC/GE Berkshire McGoogle Galaxy app from the planet Earth ? Imagine even postulating such a notion 100 years ago, they probably would have experimented on your brain in a public forum to try and eliminate this deviation from normalcy.

I suppose people who have things to hide will not be pleased about this technological and diplomatic scheme of revelation, but as they've been telling us for years, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Kind of like Minority Report meets Facebook ! hah ! Take that shadow government ! The light of knowledge is about to step it up. You can't stop an idea whos time has come and you can't keep good people down forever ;p I think the revelation of truth, though scary at times, is its own reward in many instances. Science keeps pushing us in the direction of enhanced knowledge, but there seem to be concerted forces against free access to it. The economy now contains unlimited currency, yet we still can't feed the hungry people of the world... we need to get our house in order, perhaps seeing another house - even far off- will finally inspire us to some action on this front. After all, if you know that guests may be arriving you generally make some preparations. I can barely wait to surf on the silvery mercury crests of the metallic-ocean moons of Alpha Centuri... or whevever they are... I will probably listen to Joe Satriani at the time.

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