Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Blue News

I have read several articles in the past focusing on the emergence of a police state. I think this is a simple function of laws intruding into other areas of living. The criminal code used to deal with strong societal issues as formulated by religious precedence. For example let us consider the preamble of the charter of rights even here in canada. Holy matters are brought to the forefront rather quickly. In fact according to the preamble, if people no longer honor the lord or the law, it doesn't even apply any longer. Of course the assumption is that when it was written the respect for this institution of faith was unshakable and that it would always figureinto our political thought. However, now when so many people are lax in religion or are even professed atheists, some for even understandable scientific reasons or views, whatever - the point is that if a majority adopt such views, byt the language of the text, the document invalidates itself. But I digress, my only point here is that now law is as concerned with completely secular 'safety and security' type issues instead of the clear duty to protect the innocent and be considerate of local norms and acceptance of behaviours, we are seeing a severely federalized system and one that demands more and more sacrifice from also federally enshrined protections. I am in no way an advocate of violence, harm to individuals, unrest, protest or anything else negative. But I do believe in facts, sociology, economy and the privelage of free,open and high quality arguement. The current situation in the canadian parliment all but makes argument a redundant attraction. The opposition is impotent, no members of the conservative cabinet dare offer up any interesting ideas, nothing indepentantly arrived at and certainly nothing in accordance with the views and desires of the rabble - or commons as they were once known.

In the last couple daysI have been writing a little more on the local paper. This is becauseof two things, one) the stories are getting more graphic and extreme and are also veryprominantly about issues of civility and abuse, etc.. and two) I think I am one of the only young people who reads it and Iam highly discouraged by the lack of participation by the young and free on their local forums. Through online public feedback, a pretty good view of things emerges. peoples political leanings and individual views are allowed to bubble up around topics provided. Now Idont know if its just coincidence, or if its meant to be a part of a media campaign about bill C-10, but these images floated across my screen today -- IMAGE 1) 2)

It just paints a scary picture. I dont think this type of direction is what canadians wanted. Remember, the medium is the message. Is this the message we want for ourselves, for the world to see and for our future generations to expect ?

Please be sure to go and check out your online local and have your say :) Our system only stops working when we think it doesn't work anymore. We all have a voice we can use, even to take the time to write up a letter and submit it oldschoool to a newspaper... you'd be amazed how much they probably really want to hear your views, because then it makes more people interested and informed and that is good for sales. Mostly I am just a huge fan of local forum and freedom of expression and whatnot. My ideal newspaper for the day would likely be the EXACT opposite of those images, I would be worried about the sort of person that thinks todays news represents steps in the overall right direction...I hope that doesn't make me too radical to continue to enjoy the privelage of the right to freedom to express my views.

ALL images are only zoomed, lightly edited and cropped for clarity and display inclusion from my screen for use in this review and satirical work of things on my screen. I claim no ownership and use here is no endorsement by any owner, etc. Original images here from the peterborough examiner 2012. Please comment for any questions, etc. :) Support Local y'all.

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  1. this is what the local news looked like the day after valentines day. feel the love ;)