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It might also be noted here at the start that any lunar or deep space mission generally must also operate on a finite amount of water, every drop and use carefully considered and measured and utilized for as much as possible. Were it not for the 'recycleable' naute of water itself we probably would have exhausted our supply already. ================================= [[A Crossover Blog from FragileOasis]]

[[[Please also take a look at fragileOasis yourself if you have anything you want to know or add. it is a great site that is also dedicated to utilizing technology for the furtherance of all mankind in space and their well-being on earth as well]]] ======================================

above: [an article about the origins of earths water.]

below:[random thoughts on the importance of water and its relationship to our extra, as well as, mono planetary endeavours in the coming few decades.]

I think it is generally assumed that the earth always had water or that is was just a part of the mix of primary elements in a cloud-clot that eventually spun and attracted itself into the mass of hard rock and liquid oceans that we see today. But in all theories about the Earth the origins seem to describe a rather dry, Pangaean place (see: smaller) where rain was light and predictible if it existed at all and most moisture was confined to tropical humidities from plant respiration with some underwater veins available for survival away from rivers here and there ... if that. But at some point we know that archaeologically there have been massive extra-terrestrial impacts on the earth. We know that the oceanic plates tell a tale through time that we have yet to reconcile to popular science and we know there was a deluge of immense destruction at least in many parts of the ancient world. One large or perhaps several regularly arriving smaller (H20) ice-meteors may have indeed been the harbingers of the aqueous 75%, the molten core, maybe even the moon ? WE have not yet solved all the mysteries of matter or even planetary sciences and much awaits out consideration and discovery.

In the meantime, we do know that there is apparently only a finite amount of water on this earth (we seeing no obvious process by which is abundantly looses or gains water. However, since we cannot be certain of the origins or the presence of aqueous H20 on other worlds yet, we have no idea just how precious life may yet turn out to be. If the presence of water on earth is a symptom of a much earlier collision and not the product of the natural formation of the majority of planets in our position in a solar system relative to the sun ... if it was again a random chance that water made it this far into a solar system- it may be that even if extra-terrestrial life does exist it is far more rare than kepler scientists would lend current optimism towards (but they are right to do so, I might add).

We know that on this world life would not exist as it does without adequate water. In the last couple decades alone water went from being a free, human right or guarantee through social contract - to something we neglect, yet depend on, and something which has (in modern times) always sold commercially for even more than petroleum at the pump... July 15, 2012 D.M.J. M.

Our relationship to water also defines our abilities in space. If there is a finite amount of water and the population continues to escalate... we will need to find new extra planetary sources just to maintain our population at home. These things seem far off, indeed perhaps even more than a hundred years, but if we do not begin to develop that infrastructure now and reap every benefit along the way ... well the alternative future for our descendants is not a pleasant picture... its a prison planet.

We can't do too much about all these concerns today, but as scientists, builders, planners and designers we can act in the interests of a more knowledgeable, ever expanding and more liberal humanity in every way we are able. We can finally make reasonable plans to reach beyond our own world and create economies of scope and scale based on abundance and potential and success not failure and scarcity; on always looking forward, no longer upward or downward as the whims of scarcity and disaster dictate. We can help keep humanity free... we can free the water.... today.



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