Monday, November 19, 2012

Augmented Infinity

~[Cerebral Graffiti]~

Augmented Reality(AR~ ) is closer and closer upon the horizon. Products like GoogleGlass ( ), Recon Instruments ( ) and others are beginning to show us what our future could look like (or at the very least how we will see it). I have joined a few groups about AR tech and applications in the past year and I am very hopeful about the proliferation of this technology in the next decade (no I am not a stock advisor) and the fantastic development rush for apps that will be unlike anything previous in hour history. These technologies and apps can be designed to specifically enhance or guide human performance in a way previously unimaginable.

The next generation of space suits also incorporates this technology ( ) and I am hopeful of a time where these digital overlays are pretty common for nearly every vocation. What we are really talking about is the introduction of Heads Up Display technology of the purest and most integrated variety. A cybernetic hybridization of the head senses and technology coming together at last. For many years research has been done on the utilization of voice commands and eye reactions on computer interfaces ( ). Through further natural use as time goes on, jargon and enhancements in performance based on user feedback will result in a totally intuitive and utilitarian computer interface.

Please also take a look at the series H+ on youtube ( ). It is a show about bio-genetically integrated (trans-human) AU and the first episode is only a few minutes long after a minute or two you will see the sort of tech possible.

There is also an ad on youtube for a fictitious aerosol based playstation9 you might still be able to find. That says nothing of movies like total recall or the matrix that take the argument to an existential level. But mostly I am interested to hear thoughts on this new wave of high-tech instruments and what you think, if anything, they will mean for the future of space exploration. Some examples of tech I would like to see is;

-The ability to overlay data on visible terrain so that,for example areas containing hazardous terrain can be avoided. -Recon Instruments HUD technology, for example, is generally engaged and encouraged by extreme sports such as mountain skiing, diving, etc

-The ability to overlay instructions for repairs or scientific procedures

-The ability to quickly capture video and audio of a persons experience - similar to everyone having cameras on their phones now, except you could record a hike you go on or kayaking in first person view, etc

So with all that in mind, what sort of AU tech do you hope to see ?

What sort of experience with HUD do you have already ? Video games, maps, etc ?

What sort of apps do you think would be especially useful in outer space ?

Do you see any other emerging technologies that merge well with the potential for AR ?

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