Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Right Stigma

I wanted to post this before the laws change too much here. If they constitute some sort of violation in the future I do apologize, but also hope that such an event itself will help to herein justify my assumptions and peaceful protests against said mechanisms of time and "justice".

There are several issues which are happening in such fine orchestration and with such diabolical intent that one who is aware and read-enough to observe the trajectory can not help but be guffawed.


We are presently witnessing a level of hostility on the world stage not seen in about a hundred years. Perhaps it is, and has ever been, the role of the earlier-generational components of centuries that they are to be whistfully thrown upon the altar of war and death for the later blessings of peace and progress. It is striking that we have already been at war for a decade. Open, large scale war. So one could observe; the early 2000's was a component of the (American) Middle-East Wars, early 1900's: WWI and II. And 1812 was, well, the war of 1812 period. In each instance the nature and substance of 'the nation' was threatened from 'abroad' or a 'foreign interest'.

What strikes me as extraordinarily juvenile of mind about all this is that who really cares about a foreign interest? What does that even mean (besides some sort of xeno-phobic kinship violation)? For the common citizen of any such culture; fair work, fair wage, fair legal systems and enough satisfactory personal time is all that can really be desired. These can vary by geography and religious preference somewhat, but in the main; the simple desire of a peaceful home, a happy spouse and a seeming purpose are quite sufficient. Indeed the entire pretext of the struggle of man so far is a desire to work up to these achievements. The closest thing we can recall of an idealized 'golden-aged people' are the 1% of ancient greece, rome and egypt who were free to fetter their time away in debate, good company and good wine. The simple desire for freedom and peace is so palpable that it is only when such is threatened by the aggression and violence of another that any violence seems justified whatsoever.

So who are these enemies from without ? Here in the west that ticket has largely been filled by the faceless rage of islam. but what is the source of this hatred ? Is fighting fire with fire the best way to stop your kitchen from burning down ? Is it that they perhaps believe our God is evil ? That seems to be the premise that is vended. But Islam has the same God of Abraham that any Jew or Christian does. Basically all faiths recognize the prophets of each other faith... So then it is fanatics ?  So now the percentage of people who are out to get us drops dramatically and we see what many understand; Islamic adherents are no more dangerous than Christian or Jewish practitioners... yet each group also posesses fanatics. Interestingly enough the fanatics of all sides seem to be at their worst when they are all trying to tempt God to reveal his plans and helpers... but I digress.

From their side; the problem is also OUR fanatics then. Most people HERE also desire simple peace and life and liberty and to serve their community and their God, but some among us manage to wrangle millions in preference to the causes of violent overthrow, armmament, attack and prejudice. This is a strange contemplation; to us they are the enemy but to them we are.... largely for the same reasons. Bill Maher may have said it best in WHEN YOU RIDE ALONE; they hate us because we don't know why they hate us. The fact that we have continually exploited their resources and people as we do our own has never seemed to factor into the equation. Here it is "ok" (even i must concede) because it is our peopole and our laws made by our ministers, but when we foist these views on people of other regions it is a tenuous argument for our moral superiority; especially in North America where we all so stridently argued for direct self-representation due to geological, religious or other preferences we deemed fit under the laws of all people.

In the USA the constitution is a document written in the hopes of an awakening for all mankind. We often forget that the revolutionary spirit in france that produced napoleon also produced washington. It represents the first time that men not specifically born to the task held political sway... it was a noble experiment, but perhaps only possible because of several strong personalities being born into a time that was ready to support and encourage them. Maybe America was a great idea for the founders, but not so much their decendants... The civil liberties won after confrontation with a great 'foreign' power are being discarded in the face of protecting us all from another one... when considered in this light the enemy without is largely baseless and senseless... but that does not mean there are not enemies, only that they are among us.


On september 10th 2001 if you had tried to put forward an piece of nazi-fied rubbish called the PATRIOT ACT (especially considering the then-fresh revelation of a missing $3Trillion in ALREADY-EXISTING operations) you may have been impeached from office for gross incompetence and a sheer misunderstanding of what your job was. As they say, the next day everything changed.

After years of policy deepening and widening the trough of immigrants from ever newer and more exotic locations around the globe; we were told they, those people HERE were the 'foreign threat' now. While they shared our geography, they were hostile aliens. Traditions of community and kin, of being a part of the nation they are in - were all completely undone. Our own shores were not safe. A sort of soft invasion was already well underway. The only way to protect from an inborn foreign threat like this was to do away with some civil liberties. None of the ones that are essential for the avoidance of a complete police state, but just enough to establish the principals of the erosion of rights, the creation of an inter-agency force and the accumulation of more powers of foreign lands not a party to any such agreements or legal processes.

Osama bin Laden or Obama sin Laden.
The only difference is B/S

Because of all this unpleasantness, the strain of perpetual war and the tangling of the legal system in the additional task of undoing and repair itself more constantly than usual - the people lose their essentials. The right to fair wage is gone, we must make cuts to fund the war. The right to peace is gone, the gov't has flooded the streets here and abroad with potential violence and conflict through efforts that have very little benefit for the majority of citizens. It is almost like they are using us as open collateral at this point. While the role and sincere efforts of government go into producing the best standards of living for their citizens, there is another type in open operation now that works to dismantle the things people like at home to destroy other things abroad. It's a total moral outrage, but it goes on. The legal system that should provide oversight is so completely overwhelmed by these counter-productive efforts, that again; the people lose their rights to natural justice. While scores of highly paid people work themselves and others tirelessly to alter the definitions of such terms, the jobs, money and lives are all spent in such pursuits rather than the provision of good and simple living conductive to a good society. When a man is happy, at peace and in his home, the bawdyhouse owner is the one left to bemoan his fate. In my town the proprietors of good times as such are beginning to seek office. WE begin to look to them for wisdom and guidance (or tolerate them enough that they think we might) because they are without scruples in business and we need that to get anything done now.

Without opportunity, representation, fair wages and sensible rules a people are likely to become restless. IF you had revealed in July 2001 that the gov't had been waterboarding and giving tanks directly to police people would have lost it, the fact that we accept all this in law today is a great testiment to the persistence success of these people. Now that the citizens are restless they police and military are trained on THEM. If anyone had said in November 2001 that terror laws would be used against natural born citizens of the nation there would have been no support for the measures whatsoever. Everyone that warned of a slippery slope in these matters has resoundingly been proven right on all counts. While our corporate tyrant kings enjoy every pleasure, todays Nobel laureates live in chains...

WE are our own worst enemies through our simple lack of observation. People are so glued to their phones and their 'security' in the world (in all it's forms) that the actually world where people live and work and build kin and truly love one another as so cliche as to almost be as reminisced as that golden age of white marble towers and fine long-robes. At least they let us keep the wine so far.

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