Friday, November 26, 2010

North Korea, George Washington Nuclear Explosion - I Worry

So I wanted to write this for a couple reasons, one is that I expect something to happen with these headlines in the next 48-72 hours so I want the hits (:P) but two is because I think we need to all sit down and take a good look at what our complacency has generated so far.... perhaps apathy is a better word. Theres an old saying I am fond of quoting "the only thing required for the sucession of evil is that good people should do nothing" Often now I hear my friends and others talk about the problems with government. I certainly share the sentiment that there is something terribly wrong when the concept of good government is an oxymoronic notion. Nevertheless we need to take a good hard look at the US military, its motivations and achievments over the past decade, before we embark on another path to war against an organized army of over a million participants (well over).

I just watched this video ... and as I was watching I couldn't help but notice the glowing part of the boat in the first few seconds... I am not 100% clear if this is showing some other ship or the GW, but if its the GW we need to be very aware of the possibility of a false flag attack...

The main problem with sorting out the truth of 9/11 in america is that the evidence was quickly destroyed, conclusions were quickly drawn and to question those practices or conclusions is akin to threatening the life of the president (is the death sentance appropriate for war crimes, they were for saddam [what ye do to the least of my brothers shall be required of the greatest among you also]).

Irregardless what I am driving at here is there are obviously tensions in the korean peninsula... lets not forget this was indeed fortold by our great prophed george dubbya.... iraq, north korea and iran (not necissarily in that order). I dont think Iran is 'off the proverbial hook yet, but its interesting that we would go for korea before iran... anyway, I am getting ahead of myself...

so the shelling over the past few days involves 1 of 5 islands which are OBVIOUSLY closer to N than S korea..... not that it matters, but there has been shelling from both sides now and just as it happens this coincides with the arrival of the good olde GW ( a vessel more than half way through its service life and sponsored by Babs Bush herself....

This rikkity olde hewer is now also obsolete we might add, in light of tremendous advances in the next generation of ACC, this unit (should something terrible happen) likely will not be a tremendous blow to the USA arsenal.

I keep dancing around it, but just something that hit me like a cold wet doosh in the face.... what if that friggin ACC has a meltdown... theres not much evidence from a nuclear blast.... think the yanks would admit their shit blew up ? Think they would try to pin it on some iconic enemy as a pretext for a war of aggression cloaked as defensive retalliation ..... nahhh !!! I mean come on, America... lying ...about... the ... cause .... of ... war..... (see afghanistan and iraq)

Good tidings for the onset of WWIII this weekend : /

Crap !


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