Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thats not a nuke, its an anchor, the nuke think is in japan, not korea, how could you be sooo inaccurate : P

So, I was wrong, it was an anchor and not a glowing ion reaction breaching the hull... there was no nuclear incident, nor any incident of any kind with n korea. But that's okay, sometimes even I am fooled... you gotta admit, I know it seems like a thousand years since this event with korea but thats just not the case. The massive quake in haiti. the gulf oil spill. the war in iraq. the mid east jasmine revolutions. now the japanses tsumani and resultant fukishima catastrophe... already my forex shorts on japan have started to fall off... the tone of severity about it has died down.. and we lull , we wait, we hide in our little boxes looking out for the next big thing... EVEN charlie sheen has abandoned us !!!! the three episodes of sheens korner were certainly of dubious value for the thousands of us who waited watched believed for free and made it a phenomena. now the tickets are a hundred a pop and I can't even get through the internet traffic to the counter.... but now that I need charlie hes nowhere to be found. He told us that it would be daily if we wanted, and we seemed to be okay with that, but anyhow.

Like I said, now we wait, I think what it will be next is that Harper is a contemptuous douche and there is going to be an other elevtion which he will use to strengthen his grip over the nation even further. Whats really sad, is that I dont like the guy because of ideological differences, but hes basically just keeping the trough full enough for us not to starve or be annexed by america so I guess yah can't realy bitch, its not like any of the other parties offer anything much different.

What I find is really vexing is that since harper came in, only that wild rose party in his backyard seems to hae done anything interesting before someone threw a media blanket overtop of them. the greens are just some strange leftist socialist soccer mom party with no experience and no plan STILL in the eyes of the voters. Elizabeth May, though I am sure she is a wonderful woman and has served in her post, such as it is, well enough, is not they dynamic and bombastic leadership that movement needs to really make a difference. then there is the canadian action party, an outside contender to be sure, but what I dont get is why ?? is it just that the conservatives are rich enough to hire the best ad agents and prromote their message the loudest, is it big union votes that put it through .... why is it that harper isn't being impeached if his government is found IN COMNTEMPT OF PARLIMENT. he would be one of the first and I think the common people would like some accountability from a man who was elected on such a platform. I am sad that no serious personality has emerged from the more youthful ranks of these parties too, young people now are smarter than they were 25 years ago. Someone at 20 years old has been exposed to a massive amount of information and social experience. our generation makes or breaks the voter booth as obama showed. There are tons of people between 18-30, even upto 45 I would say who are more aware of the real solutions to problems we face today - simple concepts like free trade sucks, we need industry, more taxes on the rich or a flat tax, indeed. Do you hear me Justin Trudeau !!!??? :D

Anyhow, I just wanted to get a post out there and I have tons more to say on these or any topics, you can comment here or write me on FB mothkrukkerzzz !!!!!!

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