Monday, May 2, 2011

Youth Rally for the NDP Orange Crush to Save Canada

Why are the youth gonna swing an NDP govt ?

Because the bright orange blazes bold against a red and blue background of broken promises, cut programs, changed directions and unfamiliar leaders. The NDP rush represents our chance to show what we can do together. Green is a wasted vote, if ANYONE is unproven its the greens... but it just feels like it might be the NDPs time to shine... Rae NDPs won in similar times of distress, the NDP is the traditional choice of the dissilusioned.

The liberals, while the obvious choice for opposition to the Harper Gov't are more unfamiliar to us than ever before... there is no enduring figure, no alan rock, no cretien, martin jr... the old guard of our nation is gone, only 1 other MP (Trudeau) is even remotely visible in the public eye... its all Iggy and many people are not on his level.

Jack is back baby. The NDP have long represented the voice of the poor, the exhausted, the economically vulnerable... now there are many more people in that position and we can see plainly the sense of safeguarding the least of us more than the trickle down we are always promised from the good old boys on both sides of the aisle. The NDP are unproven... exactly. If the youth swing them in, they will be beholden to us, they will thank us and they will represent our concerns.... or they will loose our future support.

Either way, we are likely to face another election soon without the intervention of the GG.... many things seem on the brink of change. Perhaps this can be a step towards a change we can welcome, support, look back on fondly and remember with some small measure of Canadian pride as we, quiet and moderate as we are, began a real popular change toward positivity in our beleagured western world. The death of Osama today will change very little in our world... but an NDP win would be the beginning of somethin new, something vocal... I votin' orange because Jack aint wack and Harper needsta get sacked :D

Still, I do hope Iggy sticks around.


  1. I have not spent much time over the years following politics, but it was two years ago a I heard a man speak about how Canada will live to its code, free and proud. It was then that I started to take interest in Jack Layton. Now I am not saying that he will do the job, that there is a slight chance that he could very well do a bad job, but could it be worse then what we are already used to. Now I don't mean to sounds unjust towards Harper. Perhaps he is a good guy, but I believe in a Canada that which as a small child I could remember what it was like, and how free we were, how proud we were. Now we are proud, but are lost in the confusion of what is important to all fellow Canadians. But I believe that we should at least give him a chance to make change, what more could we loose? Perhaps I am ill-educated in politics, and I may not understand the history of it all. But what I do know is now, very future is what at stake. And I to sit back and say thats okay, screw me out of my hard earned money, do what you want with my health coverage, and screw my chance at a better education? I think not, I am not one to sit back and let someone play god with my future, so that they can collect the benefits of the pain I will gain from the loss of these things. So I wounder after watching argument after argument the parties voice what is important to them, and what they will change for the Canadian people. Jack Layton has caught my eye once again, bringing what seems to me, the best idea. I think its about time for change. Change is good, it helps us evolve and learn. Is this not what we want. To grow and become the country we all once remember, a country we could be proud of, lead by people who actually care about the wealthy ... but also the little people?

  2. Thank you for your comments, I also have been quite taken with Mr Layton of late. :)

    * I have no formal party affiliation and intend to influence no votes beyond the simple measure of a conventional conversation. If I called/FB my dad in BC and tell him how I voted is that a crime ? Only a hardcore Harperite would consider anything like that a crime. Reading peoples messages with intention to entrap or accuse them is a far greater problem I am sure.