Monday, May 16, 2011

An Opinion on the Space Shuttle Program and its Untimely Demise

Firstly, why hasn't the shuttle gone to the moon... say what you will about cost benefits and blah blah, but in truth, how could we retire these vessels without the accomplishment of a solitary extra-planetary voyage. If it were upto me, I would attach one to the ISS as an ampitheater and land another on the moon and leave it there to inspire future generations, or to be donated to a future museum (it would not age, corrode or deteriorate as quickly on the moon. But then I am oft considered a little extreme about these sorts of issues. Secondly, I would like to advocate that NASA TV be added to all digital cable services like CPAC or galaxy radio... how much did these companies make last year ? Whats the cost ? Okay then piss off and do it up, global. :)

I find the present state of the American space program to be a banal attempt to incite innovation through the provision of a lack of any other options. I worry that this may ultimately be less safe or efficient than our existing systems of super-bureaucratic-management, but I am somewhat encouraged that so much is again being entrusted to 'back yard engineers'. Goddard and Von Braun didn't have these sorts of super massive infrastructures when they were working out the scaled design models and technical details at the start. We should not forget that these fantastic manifestations of the ultimate human potential on the planet lead us towards getting off it :)

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