Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Dislike of The War On Drugs 
and perpetual violent and/or punitive conflicts in general

Many people have come to realise that the war on terror cannot end. In fact the way it is coming to be structured and foisted upon the masses of the western world it is NOTHING more than a war on dissent. As we watch the list of 'terror' be expanded to include the exercise of civil rights, inalienable rights, - freedom of the press, etc etc. It is not far off (and this is Canada) where we could have mandatory minimum sentences based on secret trials for political dissent of almost any kind under this guise of 'protection'.


While many have come to realise that this war is perpetual (so long as we permit and laud these twisted pieces of legislation and the people who put them forward)  most people believe that this is the first experience we've had with the threat of a perpetual war, but such is not the case. The War on Terror was brought to you by the same warmongering, we''re-gonna-save-the-world-from-stuff-we-make-up,neo-nazi pricks that gave us the war on drugs. Anyone who think that smoking a joint is comparable in any way to a physical attack against another person or their property is a seriously deluded sack of meat and misfiring sparkles. 

terror tactics and sept 11.... aint that somethin'

As with dissent, people love this stuff. They like the feeling. They like to speak their minds, have opinions and yes, sometimes they even like to disagree just to be disagreeable. Its called being a person. I think drugs are just like opinions in many respects, only they are voiced on the inside. The person is saying "I like this feeling, wooooo". They are not saying "I like damaging my life and family", "I like breaking the law because i'm a bad person wishing to offend the state", "I wish to harm myself" or anything that should be of any general concern. That being said, the abuse of *any* substance is not a healthful choice. If someone is taking 20 hits per day of cheeseburger then the financial, time and physical/emotional demands and physiological reaction is going to be damaging to themselves and those around them. Now obviously peoples appetite for cheeseburgers is rarely as intense as it might be for opium or crack, but the point remains we're talking about selfwards behaviour here. When New York tried to ban large soda, people lost their minds but many people suffer horrendously and cost thousands of dollars to medicate for diabetes, obesity, related depression and disability. But a cheeseburger doesn't biochemically make you euphoric, or at least it shouldn't. Only things that alter our feelings and make us feel all tingly and good like that are illegal.


And here we are some 4 decades into the war on drugs; how's it going ? Does society think that if these laws didn't exist that we'd all just sit at home getting high out of our minds for 40 years ?! Many people have many reasons for complete aversion to drugs. Some people are allergic, some simply do not enjoy the feeling (some do), have had bad experiences growing up, etc ... those people are induced by personal trauma NOT to take drugs and they likely never would. That being said there are also a ton of people on the other end. I'm not just talking about "drugs" here, but you show me someone with none of these traumas that has never had a beer or hit a joint at the cottage with their weird uncle and I'll show you someone totally out of touch with a normal, fun and safe human experience. 

I'm sure its nothing personal against most of the planet

Moreover, most people I know who are over 40 and 50 HAVE tried drugs in youth and are in no way criminal people who would have been helped by prosecution. They have also given up pretty much all drugs on their own BECAUSE of the criminal associations...and they're getting older, you know. They still drink beer, they are still after that feeling they enjoy on their PRIVATE time INSIDE their PRIVATE persons, but they have much to risk over a criminal conviction. As for the youth of today, I see no striking downward trend in either their consumption of alcohol or mary-jane for all the billions that have been and continue to be wasted on a 'no drug culture'.

let the good times roll, gramma !

Now, the new beast is opioids and harder more chem based drugs. This situation was ENTIRELY caused by shitty (sorry, this makes me so mad) legislation and I have PERSONALLY seen several people affected by this. The drugs were totally legal, people are getting them at the store, these drugs seem safer and also therefore more socially acceptable. You can't say to people 'hey that's heroin, you filthy junkie' after you're the guy giving it to them as a remedy.They aren't people who would be charged but their lives are equally ruined and they just get sucked into a different part of 'the system' is all. Someone still makes bank off their misery on the back end. These super addictive drugs flooded the market in the 2000s. Now in 2013 we're starting to dump tons of effort, reform,DRUGS (see NaloXone) and money into reversing this damage, but we're doing it through increased spending on the *war* on drugs. So now the drugs are not available legally so people are turning to illicit sources or synthetic chem soups that dont EVEN get them super-high anymore .... because they still like that feeling. A feeling many would not have known without the extreme doping in the first place.

Personally, I have smoked a little grass in my life, but I've never been very interested in anything hard-chemical. Even in really hard times I have refused behaviour or mood (feeling) altering drugs that were not completely natural or that could not legally be cultivated on a farm here in Ontario. I do not think my treatment choices were less effective or more costly in any way. Eating right, studying a little herbology and intentionally shifting more enjoyable activities into my life was not a 'rogue' treatment option. I consulted with the proper people, studied diligently (myself and the situation and potential remedies and risks) and was able to conquer incidents of situational depression the old fashioned way - by taking care of me and working to improve my outlook and life.

mexican poverty reduction plan, seems legit

Sure, some people aren't as savvy as me, or as motivated away from "hard" drugs naturally, but this is my whole point - some people REALLY REALLY LIKE getting high. They wont stop (if ever) until they are completely ready on their own and "coddling" them is definitely the way to go. Persecuting them helps no one. They do not recover from addiction in jail - drugs are plentiful in most prisons (google it - here again its actually likely a good thing because violence would explode without smokes and drugs in therem count on it). There's always someone who wants it and someone who wants the money. So drugs (exactly like drinking) will NEVER go away until people simply have better options and better, stronger feelings about other things - like work, family life, personal pursuits. In todays economy this is not the case. Half of people live paycheque to paycheque and the rest can do whatever they want because they can afford a good lawyer anyway. 

I would now like to tackle a few common drugs seperately and point out the problems with out efforts;

Lets start at the bottom:

Tobacco; you don't really get high off tobacco, addicted to some things in it perhaps but this is a completely legal product (to buy), a major source of government revenue (as smokers decrease the price goes up in almost exact proportion - without smokers MASSIVE revenues will be lost and people LOVE to smoke. Without the nicotine they may smoke less, but people LOVE it and cultures have smoked for hundreds if not thousands of years. The real problem is that it IS legal - it DOESN'T EVEN GET YOU HIGH.  Its FULL of inserted toxins and waste products, its a total scam. I am COMPLETELY aware of all this, but still, I just look and feel so much cooler with a cigarette. Those scary pictures on the pack are certainly distasteful (thanks gov't) but one can purchase fancy smoke tins... and eventually we all end up falling apart. I'm not sure I want to live to 120 anyway.... not if I can't see or hear and everyone else I ever knew is already dead and nothing in the world makes sense to me anyway. :/

Tak'tan-ka, you hitting this ?

Alcohol: one of the most lethal of drugs. Makes you feel good and makes you act like an idiot if too much is consumed. Completely legal, HUGE business, terrible additives and health effects.... again, been going on for hundreds of years... Even though it is HIGHLY illegal and dangerous to operate a car on alcohol manufacturers are not required to install alcohol detecting tech at the plant.... massive revenues are generated from fines, impound fees.... a persons job and home are all at risk if they have more than two beers with dinner now. Alcohol was strictly prohibited in the early 20th century which only lead to complete underground crime and the empowering of crime bosses and people with interests often outside the public good. All tax revenue was lost and eventually the whole system was viewed as a failure and repealed for the BENEFIT of the public good. Since then 99% of bootlegging has stopped, revenues have gone up, sure - sometimes shit still happens, but our whole society was taking a kick in the head during prohibition. We're not Muslim afterall. Our God is displeased with drunkenness but still loved Noah enough to save the race through him so its not completely outlawed. Still it should be respected for what it is by those who indulge. If a sentient living being is not respectful and aware of their body, or any substances they ingest, there will be problems I assure you. 

Weed: Trudeau Jr smokes it, I cannot believe Trudeau Sr. never tasted the stickey-ickey. Clinton got a taste. George Bush Jr. got high with harold and kumar in guantanimo.... ray charles, every celebrity you've ever seen, john lennon, probably half the people in your house right now have, do or would smoke some weed with Willie Nelson or Sara Silverman or someone they admire that tokes. Electric lettuce has been around for ages, I would go so far as to say that George Washington probably smoked on the regular, and in his day it was no biggie. If he caught wind of the policies and people involved with the "war on drugs" well, there woudn't be as half as many as there was a while ago (1812 song) :P. ((yes I know he wasn't at 1812))

ya, puff puff pass, gramma !

Coke: Used to be in the cola, now is highly illegal because the health effects were demonstrated to be immediately harmful to life and a severe impediment to nominal functionality.so good tho that cokeless coke is one of the largest brands on earth STILL. Some years later this former additive **somehow** started shipping itself into the USA completely circumventing the law, law agencies, borders.... tons and tons of this stuff has hit in the USA and there can be no explination except for the support of corporate/police/military or other high ranking agencies or individuals. It is promoted in movies as being deadly cool (no down side till you're too old and junked out to care really) and crack may have been formulated by covert gov't agencies to decimate certain black populations if you believe some of the literature. Either way, now that Rob Ford happened there's little grounds to say that the drug itself is the problem. He has done a fine job in the functions of mayorality. Personally, dude may have issues, but that's his own mess to sort out. As long as he's showing up to work and doing a good job. The total and massive loss of revenues to shady operators is a huge concern to me, the people piling up in prison is a shame and the continued availability of a product that is TREMENDOUSLY difficult to cultivate domestically is hard to explain if one looks at all the data points. Personally I dont have a problem with Coke. Its natural, seems to make people feel pretty good... but I dont like that people do not understand it so they can get horribly addicted. I dont like that someone who gets thusly TERRIBLY addicted is labelled a criminal instead of someone with a severe medical condition that needs and wants help to get away from the ideologies and people who have made this a part of their lives. I think social circle is very important to coke, as it is to all these drugs, but with coke it seems to get really out of hand and debautcherous. I've never even heard of someone sucking dick for a joint.... but coke....

Rob Ford Biggums. A "progressive" conservative

Opioids: Heroin (as with anything you're injecting) is pretty gross to me. I was high on morphene one time for a week after surgery, once I got out of there I was glad I never saw it again. Its like being in a dream where everything is awesome and your beard grows twice as fast :P. The problem is that ope is a legitimate pain killer. Still, the dangers were well known and the problem in Canada was completely caused by the introduction of OXYs. Big pharma made them, they pushed them HARD on the public - anything from hypertension to headaches, the doctors must have been raking it in there for a while!! But the downward effects became TOO apparent. Crime and severe addiction sky-rocketed. People who would never do "drugs" were turning into junkies after car accidents, etc... once the data was examined OXY was PINPOINTED as the cause. A new type was developed, methodone clinics sprouted up like bad grass EVERYWHERE and here we are. Inherently the drug is STILL not the problem I would say. If any drug was the problem I would say its this one (aside from the crazy stuff, meth, pcp, X, etc etc etc) though. I have always abhorred chemical drugs yet I remember when E started showing up around schools. Everyone but me was high on it at parties it seemed, but today, I cannot think of ONE person who still has any interest. Once you get past 25 I think the allure dies off quite naturally for most. For those who cannot let the party go, there are obviously other issues. Criminalization and punitive measures for the weakness of a persons spirit which causes no intentional or actual harm to others by means of force is a tyranny. Obviously because they feel good drugs can be a powerful influence, but so can a big dick, we dont make them illegal. These issues strike at our very nature and the discussion should really be re-evaluated in this modern age where we can all have a say in the forum. I don't just mean online i mean locally.

I wonder why oxys flooded the market back here .... no I don't.

So what is my position on all this ? Legalise. The government sells cars and makes roads for us to use them on. They also sell booze. They kill TONS of people this way if we follow their drug argument through. Of course they're not, its just us nasty old humans doing stupid stuff. Even with the hundreds of pieces of traffic legislation now in existence and the historically HARSH prohibition on alcohol in vehicles, cars do and will continue to kill. Still, the benefits are many, the tax money is good and the people seem to want them for lack of a better or more informed alternative. Legalise and medicalize them all. Honestly I dont see how a 7 year old can walk into a Macs and buy 8 packs of RedBull and OD on the street, but I cannot buy a beer past 3am :/ Even when I was done working midnights in a position of responsibility. The old saying is that those who give up liberty for security deserve and receive neither one. I propose that those who prohibit feelings and criminalise indulgent victimless behaviour will neither stop the feelings or the behaviour, if anything they will only increase both AND human suffering. Maybe that's the point because its happening and these people really aren't stupid, say whatever else you will. There sure is a lot of money tied up in this first perpetual ideological war the Bush's gave us... they always were good at that sort of thing. However, econnomies now that do not embrace legalization and taxation schemes demean their weakest citizenry, support the financing of illegal organizations through giving crime a monopoly on billions in capital and also step on many truly protective and civilly beneficial laws of everyone to get at a purported few that are "dangerous drug-crazed maniacs". By making this whole scene highly illegal and promoting ignorance about the truth of the topics, governments only drive the whole element further and further underground and make it more "cool" and also risky.

like, seriously. W.T.F have you guys been doing ?

I mean, you know the sorts of places that have bar fights every night and are full of drugs and idiots... the ones that play that music. Mother Teresa said it best. Anti-war rallies attract war, if you have a peace rally, invite me.

mother teresa would prolly visit but not smoke

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