Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vision for Canada; Equal Animals

Show Stephen Harper that, as with everything Canadians want, we "do have the money.".

At the Olympic Games in Sochi, 2014 top medal winners all received $20,000.00. At the paraolympic games they did not. When someone finally got an answer out of the gov't here about it (reluctantly I'm sure, though it is nice to see they will speak at all) all they got was "not enough money". This from the country with the most oustanding finance minister in history gone from his post a few handfuls of hours.

As with everytihng Canadians want, we do indeed 'have the money', we are the richest nation in the history of humans on this Earth, the problem isn't whether or not we have the money, rather the problem is how we're spending it and our priorities under this government.

I strongly urge someone to open a Kickstarter account and raise up the money to see these athletes triumphs recognized as vigorously as the achievements of all Canadians. Otherwise I would say this is a flaming and open violation of our para-team's rights not to be discriminated against... is that the Canada we represent now ? Us, the citizens ?

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