Saturday, June 4, 2011

3 POINT RECAP: Mr. Harpers First day back - now with majority

1) we saw an unprecedented protest in the most sacred chamber making a mockery of security protocols, freedom of speech, our current electoral system, the present government and 100+ years of tradition

2) we saw the beginning of a strike in one of canadas oldest, most reliable and most vital services (canada post)... thats quite a record for a first day back, can't wait to read what our take is on the first 100 days of this mandate, lol.

3) ohh, but he took in a new kitty.... just like he took in some orange tabby a while back... is this really enough to convince us that this man is anything but an insane dictator ? no wonder he calls it the harper government, thats all it represents. it used to be the government of canada, oh well, to live it to experience change, eh old bean ? : P

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