Friday, June 3, 2011

Lots of angry voices and dismissive comments, but few positive solutions

So I was totaly amazed to see Brigitte DePape/Marcelle's little protest today, but then it got me thinking; she stated that we need a sort of arab spring here too ... now that crossed a line for me. You see, I appreciate as much as the next right (see left) thinking Canadian that Harper is a bit of what you might call a flaming doosh bag, but still, stating that we need anarchy in the streets and a military crackdown is a little extreme.

While I agree that we must strive to find ways to stop his government before the next term mandate, I am not sure that blatent civil disobediance is the way to go... its one thing to say we need change , its quite another to tell me
you're willing to kill this village to save it. So what am I getting at here? I am getting at the notion that as much as we all want to bitch and complain about stephen harper and we all KNOW that his gov't is poised to totally decimate our nation, I dont see anyone providing any practical solutions ; well thats not entirely true, I do see one place... the home of the NEW DEMOCRATS... the boring olde praries. Sure when you think of Canada you may envision swaying wheat as far as the eye can see... but you seldom picture OPP officers walking through them, or the disgusting ethnic meltingpot that is Toronto outside of prim areas like bridal path, orchard streets or upper class vaughn (copland) representing our vision for the nation. The truth is that many of our ideals about this nation were born in the wild-horse-running plains of the mid west.

Now is no exception; two major things I take note of. 1) project whitecard in manitoba and their stunning work in capturing the coveted commercial licenses for the current encarnation of NASAmmo, and 2) the cold air test facility in Thompson.... interesting to me that both of these heady initiatives are taking place in areas totally removed from any sort of major infrastructure we might think necessary for these sorts of undertakings. There are no super massive launch facilities to give reason to the hope of making this area an emerging space center.... EXACTLY....

What do you need to perform a conventional launch ? Lots of flat space far from people who will complain about noise or pollution.... but that is getting quite ahead of ourselves.... lets deal with the now a bit more first; what do you need to create a state of the art space simulation software? a few smart geeks, a few rad computers and a bunch of time... check. Manitoba could do this.

What do you need for an extreme cold weather/spacecraft test facility (look into the temp of upper atmosphere/outer space if you're having trouble here) you need a really cold place and potentially isolation again to prevent against the sort of complaints or giant signs you may see in suburban ontario around airports....

All I am getting at here is that manitoba seems to have alot to offer spacebuffs right now, and thats why I am even considering UoCN for the next phase of my educational goals... its not the most reputable, its not the most well established, but its growing, the whole area needs some direction and by-golly this might just be the place to become a super-rad-ultra-bitchin rockstar from the moon !

Supposeing someone has the foresight to take notice of these emerging trends over the summer and start advocating a plan, a dream a vision that not only us disillusioned canadians, but that the whole world could start to look again and say "hey, that sounds neat and useful and good...Canada as a middle power leading the forward looking direction of other nations.... whoda thought!" instead of ahhh shit, fok it, for it all. :P

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  2. I guess its only day 1.... there's still time :)