Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Review of Online Space Launch programming in the 21st century

I recently composed a video to post to youtube. I marked it as unlisted and I then proceeded to make some random recordings of my room when I happened to be playing a copywritten song which I had long ago purchased. My purpose in this composition was not to deprive any group or persons of any profits, in fact I heartily encouraged all those who might witness this composition to purchase the material if they enjoyed the composition. Only persons who I invited or shared MY composition with could see it, and its main function was a postcard of admiration to a few close friends and international heros. So because the recordings from my room included some media I had purchased, my post received a copy notice thing... I was a little surprised as all I did was mash up a video of a nasa launch (totally public) to a song I listened to during a live event (listening in my room)... I had been watching the launch and rocking out to the song during live coverage and wanted to share this experience with others to guage their opinions and present material for consideration (namely the synching of a contemporary music piece to live launch coverage - sort of like how they play music during a faceoff at a hockey game or something [[ though I imagine that sort of thing is not permitted either given the attempted 'tightening of the fist around the galaxy' sort of mentality. ]]

Anyhow, all I am getting at is that my 'production' or parody, if you think about it, is nothing more than gratuitous publicity for the artists and associates. More personally it was only a conjecture, a draft manifestation of a thought I had one day... it was contained in a format only accessible to people who I personally chose to share it with ...not for general public consumption, it was also not marked for any expanded licensing in consideration of it being a wholly individual work of my own (if it were I would gladly give it up for free use - though still not for financial exploitation).

If I am playing a song in my house and someone comes over, are they lible for TOS or copy litigation ? ... so many questions... if only I were a rich fatcat, I would just sit in my lawyers office all day and have riveting conversations about my precarious legal existence all day ! Alas, court of poor-mans causes for me :P

I just hope that the powers that be can see the sense in free promotion, the public benefit of showing nasa images to music that isn't produced internally or 100 years ago (though I am also known to synch classical tunes I listen to by the same mash - there are no restrictions on these, the temporal restraints have lapsed and through good sense, cannot be renewed or otherwise exploited.What I worry about is that its not that I cannot use this stuff, I just can't use it NOW, or in certain jurisdictions, I have no/little (I'm still reading the acts) control over the material i can share with peers, I have no (diminishing) right(s) to privacy online and I am totally unfit as a simple layman to make heads or tails of the restraints imposed against me... but I only intended to create something interesting, something of benefit, something good and something enjoyable. ... a joke to some, art to others, erred opinion it may be to some, but to me it was composed and distributed as a private matter... too bad someone is reading the mail ;)

copyright is certainly a valid mechanism for the protection of improper accumulation of wealth built on the labour of others, but for a law to be reasonable it must be enforceable, if I drew my little sister a birthday card with the intentional likeness of mickey mouse and mailed it to her ; should or could I be persecuted for 'stealing that image' ... who is damaged ? who watches what I draw ? who watches what is in the sealed envelopes that leave my estate ? .... just because we are online does not mean we should suffer the formal and legal loss of these privelages .... they should be expanded and if governments serve the people they represent then we should be protected by them from these very such encroachments against a sensible level of anonymity, privacy and discretion . Certainly more than the few commercial conglomerates that accrue and seal away all the produced art of the species should be. But that is just another opinion and this is just another review.

Expedition 28 Mashup 6/5 for neat, new concept

STS 130 - 5/5 for long time following the event

woooooooooooooooooo !!!

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