Thursday, June 23, 2011

CPAC goes late night

I, like most opposition MPs see absolutely no sense in this whole canada post debacle. First the management does not want to yeild to the reasonable requests of the employees. Second the management of this crown corporation decides to lock the doors after a few days of non detrimental revolving strikes. Third, the gov't legislates TOTALLY in favor of the management group which caused all this ! What the heck is going on here, if anything and if they are concerned with activities at canpost, why aren't the gov't legislating simple return to work legislation like 'take the locks off the doors and allow a fair arbitration process' ... It is even more rediculous when you consider that the canpost corp is VERY profitable taking in some 200+ million a year from what I understand !!

This govt is OBVIOUSLY out to dismantle organized labour and implement its own style of economic austerity over the canadian people. What makes even less sense is the gov't superceding all arbitration by introducing, not median rates of redress, but methods which are below BOTH of the recommendations submitted by both parties in the dispute.

Air Canada almost made the same mistake, but was quick to see the error in any such attempt in teh current government. I will tell you the next group is ALL municipal public servants... rediculous restrictions will be imposed soon, and it will be to the great embarassment of provincial high ministers and the provincial tories will play up the inability of incumbants to get the job done, then the concessions will be worse and worse until the only solution will be to employ prison populations (about to explode and already getting closer and closer to our american ideals) to maintain parks and perform menial public service works....these types of jobs are the only good and secure jobs left in our current 'economy of errors' and soon they will be gone because of forceful legislation, a desire to employ slave labour, and a broader global agenda of violent enslavement.

I was totally shocked also to read that individuals could be fined 1000$ per day if they take independant or union action after this legislation - if they can't pay they will go to jail and have their old jobs back anyway at greatly reduced expence to the governement...

I am devastated by the conservative majority... these people are completely out of control... no right to strike, no right to redress, no ability to oppose the will of the dictator... I take exceptional note that NOT ONE Conservative MP has ANY objection to this legislation, NOT ONE... like most of the conservative legislation there is a big group mentality and I guess so after the way opposing MPs have been disgraced and ejected in the past. Imagine, our former ambassador to Afghanistan is now deputy of MOD.... is THIS really the type of Canada anyone really believes we want ? One bankrupt and deviod of morals just like our neighbours to the south.

Disgusting, but this is an improvment over most of the other fraudulent garbage that usually fills up the late night air waves, I'll give it that.

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