Thursday, June 2, 2011

Barry Devolin speaker of the house ??? omg please no !

this will be just like when chris hodgson was the minister of municipal affairs... just like when lauri scott gave up her seat for john tory. (for a cool $100,000.00 cash I might add [take THAT democracy]).. the conservatives in this riding win because of the massive gov't job base, the hospital and prison is all there is, and they employ alot of people... you can bet your ass this place will be the test bed for prison labour because then the city will save money from paying those pesky public employees a decent wage and then they can also call it skills development for the under 30 crowd since they cannot even pick up their own garbage or restrain themselves from overindulgance in drugs, etc, etc....

If this guy wins it will be the worst thing EVER... oh his site boasts how he gave $11,000 to the community for canada day celebrations, but the front page of local news is how the little communities are doing their own fundraising because the city wouldn't pony up the dough.... I bet lindsay gets 90% of the funding, this was the municipal affairs agenda all along, get all these communities clumped together then exploit them for LINDSAY only.... just like happened to the mariposa treasury savings (approx $500,000 from my reckoning) went to pay off lindsays ever mounting debts, and all the olde jail museum shinannigans for the first decade of its (dis) operations..... I have also been making articles on about the blatant curtailing of democracy on the online newspapers !!

I think I will be moving away even before next semester starts, this place is wakked ! lol


  1. sorry about all the typos, this was a superfast post to get it out and try and score up the google hits from the election in the house today.... I will try and articulate my views on this post and some others very soon :)

  2. thank you sweet Lord ! lol, eliminated ! booyah !